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About Us

To offer quality, fashion forward items with an assortment of sizes and styles to accommodate all varying body styles, shapes and personalities. To create pieces that will show individuality, class and affordability, all together. 
To be able to introduce the brand's identity, concept and expand to premiere shopping malls and fashion districts.
To become the staple, prominent ladies retail brand and boutique for all fashion needs.

Apartment 8 is a ladies retail brand that transcends the lines of fashion. From basic to trendy, Apartment 8 explores different aesthetics to be able to capture various looks for different styles. With the desire to take a step ahead, the brand creates designs that are unique, of good quality and of course, a very competitive yet fair price range. 
Clothing, accessories and now with shoes to match, Apartment 8 will (little by little) be able to provide every fashion need. With the level of creativity at the Apartment 8 design house, the promise of fashionable pieces will be fulfilled. 
A new direction, a new vision. The Apartment 8 new collections will be a reflection of who the customer is. The launch of roommates BLAIR, PARIS & KATY are personality and style guides to be able to reach out to 3 individual fashion senses, creating a personal touch for the brand. 
For the fashion-savvy... WELCOME TO YOUR NEW FASHION HOME. 
Welcome to Apartment 8.