February 22 2014 Saturday at 04:24 PM


Flowers don't blossom overnight. It takes the right amount of time, love and nurturing for them to flourish. There are reasons why flowers grow the way they do and the process will only be possible with the presence of those responsible for its existence.


Sunshine--to live.


We need to find that beam of light that will sustain our hunger for life. It is through our aspirations that we constantly thrive to be better versions of ourselves. We are waiting to be awakened.


Water--to breathe.


In order to enjoy life, we need to take small breaths. Don't let things get the best of us. Once in a while, we should stop and smell the flowers to appreciate its beauty. We desire to breathe life.


Earth--to survive.


It is through our roots that we find who really truly are. We must learn how be comfortable in our skin and realize that beauty is skin deep. Our values keep us grounded. We seek to be potent.


Time--to remain.


As we live each day, we create a certain legacy. There is a perfect time for everything and if we are patient enough, life will give us what we deserve. We are hoping to find fulfillment.


In this garden, we will find our place, our purpose. We will soon find reasons. Don't hold back and start to embrace the sun.


We all are flowers and life is our photosynthesis. 


So go forth and live in full bloom.




Your Apartment 8 Roommate <3






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