October 10 2012 Wednesday at 04:13 PM


It's been 3 years living in Manhattan that Blair, Paris and Katy barely had time to catch up with their busy lives. Being
best friends has always been something that came easy, since they've known each other for more than 10 years.
Leaving their families in Manila and deciding to start a new life in one of the busiest cities in the world was a big step
for the 3 of them, but it was a lifelong dream to pursue their own passions and nothing would be able to stop them
from doing what they loved.

Blair, as driven as she is, wanted a career that would satisfy her thirst for knowledge. Her dream of being a fashion
magazine editor was easier to grasp now that she lives in the Big Apple. She always wants to be on top of things and
she is, without a doubt, a woman in control.

Paris, on the other hand, had always thought of being a fashion designer. She wanted to go a fashion school to learn
the basics and further develop her taste and style. Now that she has a wide array of fashion school options to go to,
she is living it up and trying to determine what’s best for her.

And of course, there's Katy. The fun and spontaneous one, whose dream is to become an artist or a Broadway
superstar or whatever called her attention first. There's no limit to what this girl wants as she is willing to try anything
and everything that would make her life more interesting.

These 3 fashion-savvy Filipinas are about to experience the ride of their lives.

Stay with them as we unfold more about who they are. They are your new roommates.

Welcome to Apartment 8.
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