October 12 2012 Friday at 10:21 AM

The Apartment 8 VIP Housewarming Party

 October 5, 2012.

This is the first time I am ever going to blog.

Nobody really knew the excitement I felt while preparing for, what would be, the biggest milestone in our lives. I've always wanted to write down the emotions that gathered in me, but I never really had the right avenue for it. While the pressure starting to build up, the anxiety of opening our doors to the public started to intensify. It's been years since we've been staying in New York City and this would be the FIRST time to actually invite people over. To me, it 's more than just a party, it's more like a sign of opening up and telling the world who we are, really. 

Among us three, I would have to be the reserved one. This housewarming party was a bit, if I could say, too much for me. Then again, they say that there is a right time for everything and I guess this would have to be the perfect time to do this. I guess it was really bound to happen.

Ambiance was one of the top priorities of the night, therefore we had to re-decorate the apartment to reflect our personalities and of course it had to be pretty picture perfect for all our geusts. 

Here are some photos of how the place looked during the party: 

 We prepared a surprisingly (but not really that surprising) unique program for the night. We got a well-known pole dancer named Wella to start the event with her sexy moves on that difficult pole.Aside from Wella, we also got these amazing performers to showcase their chosen fields in hoola hooping and poy dancing.

In between those amazing performances, we prepared something we thought would best describe the 3 of us. Of course, no NYC party would be complete without a fashion show, right? 20's inspired, Tropical Safari and Athletic Couture were our runway themes and we definitely had fun choosing the designs to showcase down the catwalk.

Here are some snippets of our friends walking the walk in our chosen ensembles:

All in all, I would have to say that though I have been iffy with this whole "welcoming" thing, I do agree this it was not at all a bad idea. It was actually really fun seeing all those people who mattered to us gathered in once place---our place. The support was overwhelming and I could not be any happier. I feel so blessed that all those people that night filled our place with enthusiasm and love. Our house is now officially a HOME.

I end this by saying thank you to everyone who made this possible. You have just made it to the top of our 2012 charts. You are the best.

To my 2 best friends PARIS and KATY... I would give anything in this world for the both of you. I love you so much!

And to everyone else...

Welcome home... WELCOME TO APARTMENT 8.



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