October 12 2012 Friday at 06:47 PM

Color splat and all that.

October 12, 2012

I begin to write this first blog article sitting on my favorite bean bag whilst gazing out our window onto the busy NYC streets. 

People. Cars. Street Performers. Shopping junkies. Flash mobs.

This is pretty much the scene outside our apartment. The artist in me has always desired to whip out a paint brush and start painting a picture of this dreamy city. It's been 3 years and still New York surprises me every single day. Sometimes it smells like ambition, other times I get the feeling of rejection and fear, most of the time it's just a fast paced world. So, how does a fashionista cope with these inconsistent moods? I have no idea but I pretty much have it all figured out.

Here in Apartment 8, we share a common perspective--that each one is entitled to be comfy in her own skin. We all love the same things but we see things differently. I, for instance, don't believe in limits. I think that limits are for those who try to keep themselves reserved and bound by rules. I do respect rules and I respect those who follow them, but a free spirit like me is just beyond it. I say LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS and do what your heart tells you. These are the things I live by to be able to keep the freedom I yearn for. 

Let's say in fashion, they tell you that you should be skinny or tall or have legs that never end. I don't believe that. I think that true fashion is being able to wear what you want, be who you are and at the same time be confident in yourself. I see beauty in the irregular things--the plump, the compressed, the crooked. I have always been labeled "different" from everyone else and I think that there is a certain majestic feeling about it. Being different is a good thing, so one should never feel inferior. The unpredictable moods of NYC has got me adapting like a chameleon in unfamiliar territory. I have blended in but I also have been single out. What I'm trying to say here is that there is no guarantee for acceptance but there will always be the assurance for individuality. 

Life here in the Big Apple has taught me well. That though we live life on monochromatic grounds, it's always our choice to see the color despite the dullness. Everyday is an opportunity to be amazed and a chance to paint that perfect picture you've always imagined. Be yourself, wear what you want and love the skin your in. 

And now, as I end my first attempt to blog, I still sit here on my favorite bean bag, still staring out the window with a smile on my face. I am waiting for Paris & Blair to come home from their hectic day out and I cannot wait to see them. They are the colors to my black & white world. 

P.S. Who adds color to your life?



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