October 13 2012 Saturday at 01:26 PM

A red reminder.

October 13, 2012.

It's a Saturday morning, the sun is up and so am I. I look at my hand, palm faced down and I see a red lipstick smudge that says another Friday night was to blame. This I have to blog about.

My day usually starts pretty normal. I wake up, take a shower, look for the classiest ensemble to throw on, click my heels and head out to work. It's my third year spending my morning in this busy city that I barely ever had time to eat breakfast. I think the last time I actually sat down to eat (like a normal person) was 2 years ago and that was because I was feeling under the weather and could not get myself to work. It's been so hectic since we moved here but I have gotten the hang of things. And now, like a true New York-er, I get my daily dose of Mint Caramel Machiatto from the nearest Starbucks on my way to work. This is how I get through my mornings.

I get to work at 10am everyday. I sit by my desk and start sketching the latest fashion trends I could think of. This is my dream job. I have always wanted to be a designer. It's like I play "God" when I create my designs from scratch and when I see people wear them, I am pleased. This is a routine I have been doing for the past 3 years and surprisingly, I am still sane. I am not the type person who likes routines. The more random things are, the better. I'm that girl. The calculated steps I take and the repetitive scenes that happen at work have almost completely grown on me. I think it is because I love what I do and I find no time to actually complain about anything. Just like what they say. "when you love your job, you'll never have to work a day in your life". TRUE. I couldn't care less whether it would take me 20 more years doing what I do, it is because of the fulfillment I get that I will choose to stay. Besides, I could always unwind afterwards, right?

My 8 hour job is finally done for the day. It's now time to pack up and go home. It's a Friday night and New York celebrates. I feel like hitting the sack early until I get an SMS from my friend Dakota. She's inviting me to a Cosmo night with some of her other girl friends and without second thoughts, I say YES. Can I just say that in the 3 years I have been going out, this would have to be the first time I had the fear of the uncertain. This random night was a tad too much but I agreed to come with anyway. I gave myself a limit of 5 Cosmo glasses then I should be heading home. 

Now on my 5th Cosmo. I find myself staring at the red lipstick marks I have made on the glass. Dakota hands me this flaming drink and I downed it like I was in a drinking contest. Wow. They say I have always been the life of the party and I'd have to say a part of me does like a little attention. I work hard but I think I deserve to party too. Being too serious can sometimes be dragging so I always make sure that I leave room for my social life. I see the importance in meeting new people and making connections. It isn't just a need for me though, it's more like I thrive on making new friends. Another drink. Cheers to that.

Another night with friends. Another Friday night. I find myself climbing up the stairs to our apartment in my leopard print dress and my 6-inch Jimmy Choo's. I am dead tired but I am sure that I had pretty much--an awesome time. I am now sneaking around the apartment like a thief wishing not to get caught. I open my door and slip into nothingness.

I wake up to the sun peeping through my window shades. It is 6:00 am and I had to get up. I look at my hand, palm faced down and see that red lipstick smudge--I smile. It is moments like this that I will look back on and remember how much fun I had in my younger years. The random things that seem senseless are the exact things that make these memories worthwhile. That simple red smear on my hand tells a whole story. It has just become a reminder that we all deserve to enjoy our lives despite the difficulty of having to face challenges everyday. Everyday is a reason to celebrate because we do work hard, don't we? 

So, as I prepare my first normal breakfast after 2 years, I end this blog entry. I hear Katy & Blair coming out of their rooms and I am planning to surprise them by making breakfast for them too. I'm sure they'll see the smudges on me and they'll know that I had a good time. And from that Friday night madness, the smudge will now remind me of how I spent a lovely Saturday morning with the 2 best people in my life.

P.S. What random thing reminds you of a memorable instance in your life?



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