October 13 2012 Saturday at 06:54 PM

Just because.

October 13, 2012

A text message from Paris: "Hey you! What are your plans tonight? NYC awaits. Glam up, doll."

Hmmm. This is clearly an invitation to go out tonight but as you know, I'm not the kind to stay out late. I'm torn between this long rest I have planned out and joining my best friends for a night out. I'm not a fan of the nightlife but if there's one thing I have learned from Paris and Katy, it's that living on the edge can do me some good... Sometimes.

I have my tablet in front of me while I stand in front my closet, looking at the pajamas to my left and a new dress that I have been waiting to wear on my right. Should I or should I not? I feel like treating myself to an early bedtime but I wouldn't want to ditch my BFFs. What to do?

I usually spend my Saturday nights reading my favorite book, sipping on warm milk by the window. The view outside is enough for me to enjoy New York as it is. I'd have my favorite songs play softly in the background to create a relaxing ambiance while I sit back and read in depth. There would times when I would go out to dinner with some other friends but that's the most activity I can handle before I go to bed. This text from Paris has left me dumbfounded--for the first time. Could it be that I am slowly starting to open myself to these random events? I am nowhere near random so this is quite puzzling me. It's like my body wants to stay home but by mind and heart are getting ready to leave. Should I give in?

I crave for that comfy bean bag that Katy always lounges on. I'm excited to find out the ending of this book I have been dying to finish. I close my eyes for 10 seconds and take a deep breath. I leave it to the night to decide what happens next.

Another text from Paris: "Blair, where are you? You have not returned my messages at all tonight. Are you even coming?"

Minutes after, Paris and Katy enter the door. 

"I'm sorry I left you hanging. I've been waiting for you both. I got all dolled up for this night so let's make the most of it!" 

Yes, I decided to step out of my comfort zone tonight. Though I really wanted to stay home, I figured I should at least have a little fun, right? 

So why did I decide to give in? JUST BECAUSE.

I guess I can't learn about these things from books. I NEED TO EXPERIENCE THEM TO BE ABLE TO TELL A STORY.

P.S. Tell me about how you stepped out of your comfort zone. I'm excited to know!



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