October 16 2012 Tuesday at 03:03 PM

What a wonderful world.

 October 20, 2012

A burst of sunshine seeps right under my doorstep as I start to open my eyes. I see shadows moving outside my door. What day is it? It's only 7 o'clock in the morning and people are up early. As I stood up to check out what's been going on, I notice a small note on top of my dresser. The note said:

Good morning, Starshine! 

Wake up and go straight to the kitchen looking your best. Waiting for you! 


B & P

Still fresh from my long and awesome sleep, I stand puzzled. What does this note mean? LOOK MY BEST? Hmmmm. Something's up. 

I take a shower, put on my weekend I-don't-care outfit and head to our kitchen. As the golden rays gleam towards the kitchen, I see things in a blur. A few more steps and I would be finding out what the fuss is all about. I am nervous (which is not at all a part of my vocabulary). Then as I approach the dining table, I see the 2 most amazing smiles that greet me good morning. Blair & Paris, all dressed up in their casual chic outfits, were sitting by the table with a banner over their heads that says: "YOU ARE WONDERFUL". I have no idea what this is about and I stare in awe. Then Blair and Paris start to explain.

"We just want to thank you for being such a great friend, more so, a sister. It's days like these that we have the opportunity to tell you how happy we are to have you here and that we feel you help keep things so fun and light here at home. You are a breath of fresh air."

"We made you breakfast. We know that you do most of the cooking here and we want to return all those favors you've done for us. You deserve to be taken care of too, you know? Plus, we want to thank you for teaching us how to always treat everyday as if it were our last. Everyday is a new experience with you. So, thank you."

There's a big fat smile on my face and I have no plans of trying to wipe it off. I am in tears as I listen to them explain this very random expression of gratitude. I hug them both and tell them how much I love them to death and we start to eat the most special breakfast I'll ever have in my life. As we sit and talk, I stop for a while and look at the both of them. I can't believe that they actually did this for me just to make me feel extra special. They have just proven that there is no need for an occasion to celebrate. Waking up everyday is enough reason to be thankful. I am past all those days of being homesick because I already found a home in Paris & Blair. Despite the stress and worries of everyday, coming home to these 2 girls is nothing less than perfect. They work wonders in my life!

This is proof that this is indeed a wonderful world.

P.S. Who brings wonders to yours?

Love lots,


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