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 November 6, 2012.


It's been a while since my last blog entry. We have been on vacation and I think we tried to stay away from anything close to work. We vowed nothing work related while we were away and truth is, blogging kind of felt like work to me, especially since I was looking forward to a non-cerebral week ahead. 

We have been planning to get away from the concrete jungle that is New York for almost a month. Our schedules were just flat out crazy which made it harder to plan the much needed trip. Debates on where we should go were on for at least 2 weeks, whether we should head to a tropical place to hit the beach, or somewhere we have not been before--somewhere random. All of the hustle and bustle got me realizing that NYC has turned us into workaholic and stress monsters that would kill for a chance of R&R. I, for one, have never allowed myself to be devoured by the city life so I always make sure I leave some room to spread my wings and live a little. 

The idea of going to the beach got me excited. I envisioned us taking long sunbathing sessions with Piñacoladas by the shore. After the split second imaginary beach scenario, the concept of a beach vacation suddenly seemed overrated. Definitely, going to the beach would have to be the LAST option now. And since my 2 girls have not decided where we were headed, I took the liberty of choosing our destination. I whipped out an old scrapbook we had and started getting all nostalgic. “Remember this?”, as I pointed to one of the photos. “These were the best days of our childhood, don’t you agree”? The 2 girls just looked at each other and smiled. I told them that if we really wanted to enjoy our vacay, we needed to go back to our roots and sort of re-live the past. What other place to go to than the happiest place on Earth—DISNEYLAND! With no seconds thought, everyone agreed and booked tickets to Florida. IT HAS BEEN SET!!!

Here are some photos of Disneyland shot during the trip:

                                                                                        Upon arriving in at Disney World


                                                                             We spotted this amazing CANDY CASTLE!!!


                                                                                     My favorite ride--Magic Mountain!


          Whilst the Walt Disney Parade


                                                                    This sight definitely had us feel like little girls again <3


                                                                                     Saying goodbye to the land of happiness


Spending that week long vacation in Florida with my 2 best friends would have to be one of the BEST weeks of my life! Not only did we get to relax and shake off our inhibitions, but most importantly, we got to spend quality time with one another. Disney World did not only work its magic through the endless happy memories they build but through us as well. Getting in touch with our childhood was the best experience for us three. Disney World was a decision worth making.

I end this entry by saying this: No matter how old we get, it is still important to find the kid within. Life shouldn't always be serious, life is about experiencing new things and rekindling old feelings. We can be MORE if we only LIVE MORE.

Happy and Free,

 KATY <3

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