Sterilizing UV Bag


This cool new “Sterilizing Bag” is a compact bag that sanitizes small objects like cell phones, masks, eyeglasses, clothing, remotes, keys, and much more. This product helps eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria in only 1-3 minutes. Just place something you wish to clean inside the bag, zip it up, and press the button to begin. It safely disinfects stuff (no radiation, and no harsh chemicals are used). A handy little item to have in your cleaning arsenal during global pandemics or just anytime, because just so you know, that our small stuff can be contaminated with something all the time. Begin to embrace the new essentials in this new era- that so called the “New Normal”.

STERILIZING BAG. 20 in stock N/A 6.00 kg .

Additional information

Weight6.00 kg
Colors & Size

Mocha Small, Blush Small, Periwinkle Small, Pink Large, Grey Large


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